Introducing Khye Perfumes

Introducing Khye Perfumes

This has been quite a journey but the day is finally here!

I'm doing things a bit differently this time, I am creating fragrances on my own terms following my passions of music and fragrance. And everything from the juice, the wax, the bottles and the packaging everything is a reflection of sharing my art and passion with my community of fragrance lovers!

Okay, now the real news. The first Discovery set! In creating this collection I reached back into the past reimagined a few fragrances from my very first fragrance creations at Haught Parfums and I also looked into the future and created a few new and original fragrances.

These are not like the dessert inspired perfumes I created at during my run at ganache parfums. These fragrances are more perfume inspired and designed to be worn and live on the skin. For this collection I really wanted to capture the spirit of the bold fashion, music and trendy vibes of the 90s. I started with the vision that the the final ingredient in any perfume is the chemistry of the wearers skin. And with that idea in mind I created these fragrances to provide a custom scent experience for each person. If you want a soft muted experience you can simply apply 3-5 spray across the body and if you want a bold experience you can spray 5-15 sprays across the body.

I have lot more to share about the inspiration behind each fragrance in the collection and for those interested in knowing the story behind the fragrances I promise to share more in a blog post in the coming days.


I am very excited about this collection and I hope you enjoy the 90's collection as much as I enjoyed creating it.


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