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Love is a Dreamer

Love is a Dreamer

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Introducing Love is a Dreamer : A Tribute to Josephine Baker"

Unlock the timeless allure of the Roaring Twenties with our exquisite fragrance, “Love is a Dreamer”a  sumptuous perfume inspired by the iconic Josephine Baker and her enchanting song, "Love is a Dreamer." Immerse yourself in an olfactory journey that captures the spirit of this legendary artist, where elegance meets seduction, and playfulness dances with sophistication.

- **Ripe Banana**: The opening note is a burst of sun-ripened bananas, invoking the vivacious energy of Josephine Baker's performances. It's a deliciously playful start that will tickle your senses.

- **Green Leaves**: As the scent unfolds, the essence of lush, verdant green leaves adds a refreshing twist, akin to the vibrant foliage in Josephine's captivating shows.

- **Tuberose**: The heart of "Elysian Dreams" unveils a rich, heady tuberose, a tribute to Josephine's sensuous charisma. It exudes a seductive allure that beckons admirers closer.

- **Coconut**: A creamy, tropical coconut note emerges, evoking the sultry ambiance of exotic destinations and the spirit of adventure that Josephine personified.

- **Cantaloupe**: The sweet, juicy essence of cantaloupe lends a flirty and fresh facet to the composition, like the flirtatious twinkle in Josephine's eye.

- **Galbanum**: This enigmatic note adds a touch of mystique, reminiscent of the mystifying aura that surrounded Josephine Baker. It deepens the fragrance's allure.

- **Vintage French Musk**: The base note of vintage French musk ties the fragrance together, creating a lasting memory that lingers on your skin. It embodies the enduring elegance that Josephine epitomized throughout her life.

“Love is a Dreamer “ is not just a perfume; it's a journey into the captivating world of Josephine Baker. Let this fragrance transport you to the decadence and enchantment of the Jazz Age, where love truly is a dreamer. Embrace the spirit of elegance, seduction, and playfulness, and make every moment an unforgettable ode to glamour and allure.

Notes: Ripe Banana, Green Leaves, Tuberose, Coconut, Cantaloupe, galbanum, Vintage French Musk

This fragrance is made with natural materials. Some of the product may settle or become slightly cloudy with temperature changes. This is normal with natural materials and will not affect the quality of the product. For best results store your perfumes in a cool place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperature changes. 

Ingredients: Alcohol (DENAT.), Fragrance (PARFUM), Water (AQUA), eugenol, geraniol, linalool

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