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Introducing "Natural" - The Essence of Timeless Elegance

Elevate your senses with "Natural," a luxurious gourmand perfume meticulously crafted to celebrate the exquisite beauty rituals of Black and Latina women, intertwined with the sultry rhythms of R&B music. Immerse yourself in a symphony of fragrances that capture the essence of empowerment, confidence, and sophistication.

**Fragrance Notes:**

**Coconut:** Opening with a harmonious blend of creamy coconut, "Natural" transports you to sun-kissed beaches and the warm embrace of tropical breezes. This invigorating note sets the stage for an olfactory journey like no other.

**Shea Butter:** The heart of "Natural" is enriched with the velvety embrace of Shea Butter, an homage to the time-honored beauty traditions that have been cherished for generations. Its subtle, nutty undertones exude opulence and nourishment, leaving a soft, lingering touch.

**Orange Blossom:** As the perfume evolves, the vivacious bloom of orange blossoms emerges, infusing "Natural" with an aura of effervescent joy and feminine grace. This delicate note weaves a tapestry of citrusy radiance, perfectly balanced with a touch of sweetness.

**Rose Water:** The soul of "Natural" is adorned with the ethereal essence of rose water, an emblem of passion and romance. Its intoxicating floral bouquet dances in harmony with the other notes, creating a captivating allure that lingers on the skin.

**Rice Milk:** Symbolizing purity and serenity, rice milk envelops "Natural" in a comforting embrace, imparting a subtle, milky sweetness that evokes a sense of tranquil beauty. This nurturing note adds depth and richness to the fragrance, creating a seamless symphony of scents.

**Vanilla:** Finally, "Natural" culminates in a warm, embracing finale of Madagascar vanilla. This sumptuous note infuses the perfume with a timeless, comforting sensuality, leaving a lasting impression that is both familiar and captivating.

With "Natural," we invite you to experience a fragrance that transcends time and culture, celebrating the diverse tapestry of beauty and self-expression. Indulge in the essence of empowerment, confidence, and sophistication, and let "Natural" become an integral part of your journey towards self-discovery.

Elevate your essence. Embrace your "Natural."

Ingredients: Alcohol (DENAT.), Fragrance (PARFUM), Water (AQUA), citral, coumarin, benzyl salicylate

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